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Your perspectives – our expertise


You want to sell your company and look for a platform that supports your selling process. We offer you the spot-on platform and assist you with marketing activities to sell your company.

The innovative electronic platform digitises the whole selling process as well as the search for the fitting successor – from the first presentation to the contract. is an innovative and multilingual electronic platform for company sales, joint ventures, sales in the context of succession plans or participation. As worldwide single platform it presents the SMEs to be sold on proprietary microsites in a comprehensive and virtual way.

On the entry page we present your company in an anonymous way – our marketing team will support you in designing the advert.

In three protected data-rooms you can provide all documents and data – also pictures and videos – that are necessary for the selling process. An interested person can access them only after signing a confidentiality agreement (NDA), sending a proof of capital, Letter of Intent (LOI) and being approved by you.

Your user account with individual login always provides you the overview over the current status of negotiation. And the self-sustaining communication system offers you e-mail correspondence and calendar management.

Please use as entrepreneur all advantages of the innovative online platform A high degree of popularity, best references, international locations: Improve your chances to sell by our global presence.


Did we spark your interest? If yes please continue to read or register right away: We are happy if you call us without any obligation:

Mr.  Gisbert Bresser: +49 (0)2102 30961-126
Mrs. Ernestine Kunz: +49 (0)2102 30961-551 not only offers the possibility to sell your company, you can also use it to find an appropriate successor and/or an investor as shareholder. Thus you ensure your succession and the going concern of your company – confidential, clearly arranged, efficient.


Your company profile – our commitment

A successful company sale starts with a well designed company profile.

To present your company in the best possible way our marketing team produces a clearly arranged and at the same time visually appealing company profile according to the data you provide.

In addition is the unique platform that offers the possibility to create the interest of potential investors with representative video-clips, significant photos and figures, data and facts of your company.


The company profiles on the platform´s entry page will generally be shown anonymously. The innovative online platform makes the preparation of company profiles possible in up to 8 languages – among others English, Chinese and Russian.

Your advantage: we do not charge any sales commissions.

Overview of the contents in the company profile

Comprehensive company profile
Detailed company portrait
Essential company information
Expressive image galleries
Informative video clips
Straightforward product presentation
Current status data
Business position within international competition
Milestones in company's history
Awards and Certificates

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We are happy if you call us without any obligation:
Mr.   Gisbert Bresser:   +49 (0)2102 30961-126
Mrs. Ernstine Kunz:      +49 (0)2102 30961-551

To find investors – our strength

When selling your company you can benefit from our international network to present it to a multitude of potential investors. In our network, the offered enterprises are available to interested parties worldwide – the company sale or search for an investor will be realized successfully and quickly.

To support the marketing of your company a significant teaser will be sent worldwide and referenced to specific industries directly to the concerning target group.

  - Detailed but anonymized company Information
  - Significant company profile
  - Offer optimized for the target group
  - International industry specific database
  - Worldwide distribution

Search for investors

Your security – our datarooms

Three data rooms provided by us protect your sensitive company database. You can use these or integrate your own ones.

Our data rooms have all necessary security certificates and will be unlocked only step by step after signing and double checking of NDA, LOI and capital proof. The unlocking of a data room will be effected only after your approval. You control your investor processes by the steps necessary for the interested parties: Non disclosure agreement, Letter of Intent and capital proof. 

Our data rooms result in a complete digitalization of the company sale. You provide the database only once – in the data rooms. That saves time and money for unnecessary copies and the documents´ dispatch. In addition you completely control who receives the data. The documents will be marked automatically with the name of the interested party when printed. Thus the source can always be identified if a document is handed over to an unauthorised party.

Overview of the sales process

An additional advantage for you: your personal administration login always provides you the current status of all ongoing sales processes and archives your correspondence with interested parties. 

Thus you always stay the master of your company sale.

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We are happy if you call us without any obligation:

Mr. Gisbert Bresser: +49 (0)2102 30961-126
Mrs. Ernestine Kunz: +49 (0)2102 30961-551

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