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You want to buy a company and quickly get an overview of all important data for the acquisition process. You look for a company´s share and want to get the most important fact upfront. Use all advantages of the innovative online platform Here you find in three protected data rooms all information that is important to you. From the first presentation till the draft of the sale and purchase agreement. 

On you do not only find companies to be sold but also succession and share purchasing opportunities.

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Information precisely according to your profile


If you register on our online platform as interested party you clearly and promptly receive all new offers according to your specific search profile. After successful registration you can edit your individual search profile.

Your advantage: You in fact only receive those new offers that are of interest to you – clearly arranged and transparent.

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To find a company made easy

Intelligent search functions make it easier for to look for a suitable company. Choose according to Region, industry and kind of company.

Thus you find quickly and clearly your share or company.

Ideal search functions – ideal result

All data in one place


In our digital information room you get a good overview of the chosen company. There you learn the essential basic data such as industry, kind of company, year of foundation, headcount, legal structure, turnover and the price of sale. That is the basic data that you need to take a decision for further consideration to buy the company.

First Information

If these first data did arouse your interest in the company´s acquisition, share purchase or succession opportunity, you can receive further data by being activated for the three protected data rooms.

In three protected data rooms facilitated by us all company documents and data that are of interest to you can be provided. Started with yearly reports and budgets via product descriptions up to the draft of the sales and purchase agreement.

These data rooms digitise the whole investment process and support the whole process of the company purchase. At each purchase that supports the overview and a quick signing of the contract.




The data rooms result in a complete digitisation of the company purchase. Data and documents are always provided online to you – in the data rooms. Of course you can also download and archive it digitally. This way the data is always clearly available to you.

To enter the data rooms, interested parties have to run through three steps – non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letter of intent (LOI) and capital proof. Then all data is provided online to them. 

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We are happy if you call us without any obligation:
Mr.  Gisbert Bresser: +49 (0)2102 30961-126
Mrs. Ernestine Kunz: +49 (0)2102 30961-551

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